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18/0 7731 SS Grappling Pier Gaff Treble Hooks

18/0 7731 SS Grappling Pier Gaff Treble Hooks
Stainless Steel 7731 size 18/0 Treble Hook Pier or Bridge Gaff Alligator Hook

PRICE: $42.00

God Bless The Troops
We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell
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Did you know that
About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


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Fishing light Hands free operation

Fishing light Hands free operation
Hands free fishing light led flexible head to position for best results when fishing.

PRICE: $8.99

18/0 7731 SS Grappling Pier Gaff Treble Hooks

18/0 7731 SS Grappling Pier Gaff Treble Hooks
Stainless Steel 7731 size 18/0 Treble Hook Pier or Bridge Gaff Alligator Hook

PRICE: $42.00

Compact Light-Medium Duty Fighting Belt

Compact Light-Medium Duty Fighting Belt
Compact Medium Duty Fighting Belt Padded for extra comfort light with quick release buckle.

PRICE: $15.99

fishing wanted
 Jan 5, 2005; 03:37PM
 Category:  Work
 Name for Contacts:  Graywolf Products & Services
 City:  Britton
 State:  MI
 Country:  USA
 Description:  Looking for a salesmen for our fishing related products.

E-mail if interested, type salesmen in sublect box of your e-mail.

fishing photo contest
w i n n e rw i n n e r
Kids only 12 and under fishing photo contest
$50 worth of free fishing tackle for the photo with the most votes. Contest open to Kids only 12 and under at time of catch. Contest will be active once there are 8 contestants. Good luck to all.
Ian Moppert Unknown as f... Brown Trout
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Ian Moppert, 12
Ian spotted this trout slurpping tiny midges on the far side of Dry...
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fishing tips and tricks
 Jan 4, 2004; 08:18PM - Power Drop -Shot Tactic
 Category:  Freshwater Bass Fishing Tips
 Author Name:  Steve S&K Guide Service
 Author E-mail:
Tip&Trick Description 1: We have been using a Power Drop Shot technique that you may have heard of, and it works great in Heavy Cover, and around docks and wood in rivers and lakes. We just rig a heavy weight of 3/8 to 3/4 of an ounce, and then tie on the bait, such as a Yamamoto 'IKA' tube about 10 inches up the line on a 3/0 Gamakatsu hook, and flip and pitch it right in the same way as a jig or other bait. It stays there longer and has more action. Deadly on in-active fish. To view more tips and tactics and chat with other bass anglers from all over North America, stop by and visit us at our Proboards!

fishing boats and accessories
 Apr 25, 2002; 09:18AM - 14 ft. dorsett 25 h.p. yamaha
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  $ 1900.00
 Name for Contacts:  Bill Merrell
 Phone:  949 6461214
 City:  costa mesa
 State:  calif.
 Country:  orange
Description 1: 1958 dorsett new paint,windshield,bait tank rodholders bilge pump and running lights..

fishing reports
 Oct 29, 2007; 10:47AM - Cabo Bite Report
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  George Landrum
 Author E-mail:
Report Description:
Captain George Landrum
Cabo Fish Report
October 22-28, 2007

WEATHER: This morning when I got up to go to the golf course it was 72 degrees here at the house and 69 degrees at the course. When I got in the truck to leave the course at 11 am it was 98 degrees. I guess that can give you an idea of the weather this week, huh? No rain, clear skies and at the end of the week there was almost no wind.
WATER: The Sea of Cortez was showing a pretty even 85 degrees anywhere within range of a day trip and the surface conditions were excellent at the end of the week. At the beginning of the week the wind was from the north and it was pretty choppy on the outside. The wind and a 2-knot current brought green water to the inside through the middle of the week, conditions improved at the end of the week. On the Pacific side the warm water had pushed well past the San Jaime Bank and across the Golden Gate bank. From the inside of the Golden Gate and up the coast out a distance of about three miles the water remained in the 84-degree range. The only true bleu water I saw this week was outside the 1150 on the Cortez side, elsewhere it was a slightly off color blue.
BAIT: You could get Caballito this week for $2 per bait but by far the quickest selling bait was Sardinas. They were bringing a premium price as all the boats wanted several scoops to use for catching tuna, in turn using the tuna as bait for Marlin during the Bisbee Black and Blue tournament. Because of this, locally the Sardinas were going for about the equivalent of $50 per big scoop, compared to $25 per decent scoop. Boats willing to make the 30-minute run toward San Jose got a better price and better-conditioned bait, a good scoop for $25.

BILLFISH: Results form the Bisbee Black and Blue tournament told the true tale this week. With 167 boats fishing for three days there were 6 fish over #300 weighed, the largest of them was #620 and was reported to have been caught out toward the Cabrillo Seamount on the Cortez side of the Cape. Most of the reports called in over the radio were of fish caught either in front of the Cape or over on the Pacific side. I believe that the green colored water close to shore on the Cortez side had a lot of boats fishing the Pacific instead. On the first day all the qualifying fish were reported to have been caught on the Pacific side close to shore. There were plenty of Striped Marlin on the Golden Gate bank for the first two days of the tournament and then the fish closed their mouths and moved on.
YELLOWFIN TUNA: With most of the boats this week focusing on Marlin there were only a few looking for Yellowfin Tuna offshore. There were plenty of small fish, football size caught by boats making bait up on the Pacific side close to shore inside the Golden Gate Bank. The last day of the tournament had a couple of boats reporting hook-up on unidentified fish that ended up being large Yellowfin. These fish were either blind strikes or found with a few black porpoise and were found around the 95 spot, just 8 miles from Cabo.
DORADO: Once again almost all the Dorado action was found on the Pacific side, and the farther north you went the better the bite was. Charters working the inside were getting four to 14 fish per trip and the size averaged 15 pounds with a few fish in the 40+ range being caught as well. Boats working live bait deep found a few nice fish as well on the Cortez side up around the Punta Gorda area, but it was very scattered and there was no consistency to the catch in that area.
WAHOO: I was surprised that there was not more Wahoo reported this week as we just went through the full moon phase, but I only heard a few calls on the radio. With so many boats working close to shore on the Pacific side it just goes to show that there were not that many of these tasty fish around.
INSHORE: A repeat of last week. The inshore Roosterfish bite started up again with most of the fish in the small range at 5-10 pounds but almost everyone that targeted the Roosters were able to release at least one or two in the 30 pound class. Dorado were plentiful just a bit farther off the beach and an average catch consisted of four or five per Panga. Plenty of Bonita and Skipjack with a few football Yellowfin rounded out the inshore fishery.
Notes: The tournaments are over for the month and there is only one more to go. The Tuna tournament is the most fun of the bunch and is in November so we get a short rest. With a couple of weeks with no practice my golf game is really bad. My wife won a free ride at the ”Baja Wide Open” and gave them to my buddy and I. This is an off-road course where you drive a “Baja Buggy”, doing jumps and taking some great s-turns and hairpin turns on a sand track, over hills and down arroyos. It was such a blast! But now my back hurts a bit and that is my excuse for the bad golf game today! If you are interested in the results of the Bisbee Black and Blue tournament go to Until next week, tight lines!

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