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18/0 7731 SS Grappling Pier Gaff Treble Hooks

18/0 7731 SS Grappling Pier Gaff Treble Hooks
Stainless Steel 7731 size 18/0 Treble Hook Pier or Bridge Gaff Alligator Hook

PRICE: $42.00

God Bless The Troops
We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell
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Did you know that
About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


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Mustad 92641 Snelled bait holder hooks 100 pcs

Mustad 92641 Snelled bait holder hooks 100 pcs
Mustad 92641 bronzed snelled bait holder hooks ideal for both fresh and salt water fishermen

PRICE: $7.00

Mustad 7691 Hi-Carbon fish Hooks

Mustad 7691 Hi-Carbon fish Hooks
Mustad 7691 Hi-Carbon fish Hooks southern tuna fishing hook forged knife point hook

PRICE: $1.60

Replacement Vinyl Fishing Lure Skirts

Replacement Vinyl Fishing Lure Skirts
Williamson lures replacement lure skirt vinyl 12 inch double skirts in all your favorite colors.

PRICE: $9.99

fishing wanted
 May 5, 2003; 09:53AM
 Category:  Fishing Tackle Wanted
 Name for Contacts:  capt mike parker
 Phone:  434 385 7718
 City:  lynchburg
 State:  va
 Country:  usa
 Description:  either one 80# and two 50#, or three 50# fenwick saltwater trolling rods cream color with brown wrapping

fishing photo contest
w i n n e rw i n n e r
May 2003 Best Photo
$50 worth of free fishing tackle for the photo with the most votes by May 31, 2003
Capt. Charle... 40lbs Amberjack
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Capt. Charles Foster Jr, 43
We were fishing over deep water structure and the fight lasted abou...
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fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 8, 2004; 05:23AM - Stowage of StrikeBack Fishing Lure Retrievers
 Category:  [other]
 Author Name:  John Szymanski
 Author E-mail:
Tip&Trick Description 1: Simple Stowage of StrikeBack Fishing Lure Retriever for more deck Space.
Most pole type lure retrievers are thick, bulky and rigid. StrikeBack is made of 1.5 metre fibreglass rods able to be connected together, each 8 or 10 mm in diameter, depending on the version.
Once you have your StrikeBack Fishing Lure Retriever at the boat; loctite the first two sections and slide the retriever in the gunwale rail on many aluminium boats, or attach a length of conduit along the inside of the boat. Your StrikeBack Fishing Lure Retriever is now stowed neatly as it has flexiblity to fit the contour of your the hull. Deck space is valuable, keep it clear.

fishing boats and accessories
 Jan 30, 2004; 03:10PM - 21'8' BayStealth Bay Boat
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  20,500
 Name for Contacts:  Marc Noe
 Phone:  (813) 671-7447
 City:  Apollo Beach
 State:  Florida
 Country:  USA
Click here to enlarge Description 1: Excellent fishing boat- With full tower and rear sun shade with upper and lower station controls, 8 foot 6 inch beam, 2001 175hp Merc., jack plate, 74lb thrust Minnkota trolling motor, LMS350A GPS/Depth/Fishfinder, 2 live-wells, fishbox, 4 bateries, VHF, plenty of storage, tandem axel trailer. The first $20,500 takes this exceptional boat. Call Marc at (813)671-7447

fishing reports
 Nov 17, 2003; 01:36PM - 'Fly Hooker' Daily Reports
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  George Landrum
 Author E-mail:
Report Description: Capt. George Landrum
'Fly Hooker' Sportfishing




John Chinundet and his wife Tanya fished with Juan and his brother Juan today.
John is fishing with us again on the 14th. The action started early and then died off as
a Striped Marlin was spotted early in the trip with the lines in the water for only a very
short time. A live bait was tossed and Tanya got to fight the fish for about 30 minutes
before the fish was brought to the side of the boat for photos and tagging. A very nice
way to start the trip, but the action went downhill from there. Working their way up the
Pacific coast they found fish when they had reached the area inside the Golden Gate
Banks. A few nice Bonita were caught and John had a chance at a good sized Dorado
as well. That was all the shots they were going to get though, and they returned with a
Marlin and a release flag flying. Good job on the fish, Tanya! John has invited me to
go with him on Friday as Tanya is going to be attending conferences this week. Ok, I’m
up for it, and I’ll let you know how it turned out when we get back!


Roger and Dot Salyer and their son Canyon are fishing the “Fly Hooker” today, and
Juan and Manuel decided to go to the area inside the Golden Gate Banks once again.
It was a good choice as they ended up the day with five Dorado to 30 pounds and
almost a dozen Bonita to 12 pounds. Canyon was the top fisherman for the day,
catching both more and larger fish than anyone else! Thanks for coming back and
fishing with us, we are glad it was a successful trip for you!


Another day that I get to go on the boat! We had two anglers, Skip Smith and Walter
John, plus their guide, our friend Jeff, from “Baja On The Fly”. The wind has been
howling up on the East Cape so they decided to give the fishing here a try. Fly
fishermen are working under a handicap to start with so anything we can do to make
things easier we try and accomplish. With that in mind, we loaded up on the Sardinas
and cruised out in search of fish. Well, we ended up cruising for over two hours before
stopping to work a piece of tree trunk floating in the water. On the way we had spotted
several other pieces of debris, but none of them held any gamefish, just some small
baitfish. On the piece of wood we did stop at, Jeff and I saw a Dorado cut through the
water about 30 yards away, so out went a couple of handfuls of Sardinas and we
waited to see what would happen. It did not take long before a couple of Dorado
showed up and started slashing in on the bait and Walter and Skip started casting.
Walter got the first hook-up and it was short lived as he was standing on the fly line
when the fish struck. A very short run and the leader popped. Shoot! A little while
later he had another hook up and again, the fish popped the leader after a bit longer
run. Finally, after quite a while and a lot of chum, a few new fish moved in and Skip
had a shot. Everything went well for him and we were excited as the Dorado, estimated
at near #30, did a lot of jumping on its long run. For some reason though, the leader
parted about 5 feet from the fly and the fish was lost. Skip did have the chance to feel
the power though! Our chum was gone so we gave the log a few passes with trolled
flies. The first pass resulted in Skip hooking up to a small Yellowfin Tuna of around 8
pounds. He fought it to the boat for a picture and the fish was released. One more
pass resulted in another Yellowfin hook up but this time the fish got away. That was it
for the day as we were running out of time. We tried trolling flies for about an hour,
then picked up and ran in. Thanks guys, it was fun fishing with you!


Taylor, Linda, Jim and Laurie were our anglers on the “Fly Hooker” today. Jim and
Laurie were supposed to have come down to Cabo with our friend Skip but it was when
we had either Hurricane Marty or Isabelle approaching. Since they live in the Keys,
they decided that they would pass on the trip! No problem, they are here now and
since Taylor and Linda had been looking for someone to share the boat with, it all
worked out. Juan and Manuel went to the Pacific side, looking for the same piece of
wood we had found yesterday. They got lucky and eventually found it, but the fish were
not there in the numbers they had been before, either that or someone else had
already hit it. They did manage to get one Dorado hooked up on live bait and Laurie
was the angler. Not much fish today but at least they got dinner in the boat! The same
group is fishing again tomorrow so we have our fingers crossed that the fishing will
improve for them.


One more day of fishing for Taylor and Linda Toussaint and Jim and Laurie. This
time Juan and Manuel headed up the Pacific coast towards the Golden Gate Banks
and had a little more luck than yesterday. The got into the Bonito and caught a
“BUNCH!” of them, and a little later on found Porpoise that were holding Yellowfin
Tuna. They ended up getting four fish out of the porpoise and the fish ranged in size
from 8 pounds to 25 pounds. Not a bad day on the water and certainly better than
yesterdays fishing! Thanks guys, we are glad you had a good time!


Today was the second day of fishing aboard the “Fly Hooker” for John Chinuntdet
and since his wife Tanya could not join him today, he invited me. Yesterday he had
fished out of San Jose on a Panga and had good action on Yellowfin and a Wahoo up
at Punts Gorda. He said that a lot of the guys staying at the Presidente had been
working that area and almost everyone had been getting Wahoo, so off we went! Juan
and his brother Juan started us out at the Chileno area and we worked the coast up to
the Palmilla where we turned out and trolled to and over the inner Gorda Bank. There
were a few boats there but no action happening so we continued on to Punta Gorda.
Arriving in the area we could see about 20 boats drifting around and when we were set
up we started chumming with Sardinas. In no time at all we had fish boiling behind us,
but almost 50 yards away, they just wouldn’t come closer. We could see they were
Yellowfin Tuna of about 20-25 pounds. I drifted a Sardina back until it was in the area
and had a good, solid pickup, but after setting the hook and getting only a short run, the
line was either cut or the knot came undone. Hey, I didn’t tie the knot, all right? We
got more hits then, but everyone of them was a Skipjack or Bonita. Oh, also a
Needlefish in on the chum that did not hook up. About 90 minutes into the chumming,
Juan saw a Dorado behind the boat. John hooked it up on one of his light outfits and
after about ten minutes Juan released the Dorado, about 10 pounds, and we continued
to try. We did not have any other action though, and saw none of the other boats
hooking up to Tuna. Juan got on the radio and said the other captains were reporting
only Skipjack and Bonita, just like us. Apparently there had been a bite, but it was
really early in the morning. We had a bit of a nap on the way back home and I thanked
John for the invitation and told him I just wish the fishing had been better for us. Next


Our fly fishing friend and guide Jeff, from “Baja On The Fly” brought two of his clients
to Cabo today, Richard and Julie Laws, from San Francisco. They had tried to fish the
East Cape yesterday but the wind was blowing so hard by 10 am that it was impossible.
Jeff called yesterday and asked how the weather had been down here and I let him
know that we had fished the Cortez side yesterday and it had a bit of a breeze and
there had been some afternoon winds on the Pacific as well. All right, we would do the
best we could. We started out heading almost due south to look for Yellowfin Tuna or
Dorado, even a Marlin, but the wind was blowing hard and the water was too rough for
casting. Julie was not feeling well so we turned the boat around and worked the area
off the lighthouse, looking for Bonita or Skipjack, maybe even Sierra. As long as we
hooked something on the troll we could start chumming and get them behind the boat.
Well, after about an hour the strategy paid off. We hooked something up, tossed
Sardinas out and almost right away had fish boiling behind the boat. To make a long
story short, Dick, Jeff, Juan and myself proceeded to catch over 60 Skipjack between 3
and 10 pounds, releasing all but three of them. The three we kept had been attacked
by Triggerfish and needle fish and we thought we might be able to chunk them later on.
I managed to catch a Triggerfish on the fly and Dick got a 4 foot long needlefish as
well. Also Manuel spotted a Dorado come into the chum and Dick managed to place
his fly perfectly for a good hookup. The Dorado was a very nice sized fish and did a lot
of jumping, stripping a lot of line off the reel. With around 100 yards of line and
backing out the 16 pound tipped finally popped, but at least Dick got to feel the hook up
and runs! Julie finally gave up and taking sympathy on her, Dick agreed on returning
to the Marina. I would like to thank both Dick Laws and Jeff for letting Juan and myself
get in on the long rod action, it was a blast!


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